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It’s time. I like that catch phrase. For it is time for humans to shift from the male model of running things to the female model. The male model has run its course and becoming embarrassingly obsolete. That doesn’t mean “men” are obsolete, but only the functional model they used to run the world since the beginning. Think about its origins.

In the beginning, we humans were fragmented into small tribes struggling for survival. Strength and domination were critical to live. Conflict was with other tribes and the elements. Creating barriers to attacks and providing resources were key. Leading was controlling and directing. The leader protected and fought for safety. The leader was unquestioned.

Can you see that extrapolated into our recent history? Maybe World War II was the pinnacle of that model. Masculine attempt to dominate the whole world, and the mass destruction that brought. We were at a turning point, and we are now realizing that. It was the last male hurrah. Now it is time.

It is time to move to the feminine model of running life. This is the life of cooperation instead of competition. It is support instead of domination and control. It is integration instead of separation. It is a lowering of boundaries, instead of building them. It is a sharing, instead of possessing. We are in the midst of a grand transformation.

I saw all this in manufacturing. The shift occurred 50 years ago, as the Japanese realized that the feminine model made cars better. They integrated, connected, cooperated, shared, learned, supported, linked, and educated all aspects of making a car, and transformed making things. A clear sign that the feminine model simply works better in a complex world.

We now have the confluence of events that is perfect for an awakening to this. Masculine misuse of power around sex. Masculine misuse of power in policing the black community. Masculine fear of the LGBT community. Masculine disregard of the economic inequality. All this is the last, desperate struggle of the male model to hang on, to retain power and control. And now we have a President who epitomizes this absurdity. It could not be more perfect.

It is time to shift the world view. It is time to embrace and support rather than fight and separate. It is time hug and not hit. It is time to see others as humans and not all the definitions we have been conditioned to believe in. We are coming into a new era and the old will kick and scream and claim the end is near. And it is, for their way of looking at the world. And this WILL happen, simply because the world works better this way, and ultimately, things that work better, flourish. I saw it in the world of making things, and now we all get to see it in everyday life. It will not be easy. But, welcome to the world of the feminine model. And goodbye to the male model of life. IT IS TIME. Tlane 1/17/18


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As I sit drinking my coffee and reading the newspaper, I wonder why it is so difficult to see that we humans have lost our essence. I pause with my reading and feel my own being, sitting in my room, just aware of my surroundings and feeling the connection to life. We lost our way.

We lost our way when we began to “name” everyone and everything. This is how we make people into objects, including our own being. We name something and then believe the name is the actual being. We then add our conditions and judgements and beliefs and values and paint over that essence. We have made another human a thought, and lost the actual being.

Pause for second from reading this, and see if you can go to your essence. Can you see that you are not your name, your identity, your job, your family, your religion, and all the rest. At this very moment, you are a point of awareness, alive in this world. Can you step back for a moment and just be with that essence, or have you lost that forever? Can you hold that presence, as it is sometimes called. It has no name, only the direct experience of being alive. Being here.

And if you can hold that, you can look around and see all the people/things in your world and how we have named it all. And how that “name’ as taken the place of the essential being. How we have done that to our entire life and everything in it. We live in our mentally constructed world of names, and the attached values/beliefs/biases/judgments.

We no longer deal with the essence of any other being, only with our named opinion of them. And them of us. And us of us. And we sit and endlessly argue, debate, fight, threaten, etc. all those whose “names” are not fitting with our version. I hope you have stayed quiet to see this for yourself. My words can only point to a possibility for you to “be” in your life, even for a second.

We have made this world quite insane, in all our endeavor to name and know. And in the process, we have lost the essence of being alive. The only place to be alive, is in the un-named and un-knowable, present moment. You can now return to your regularly scheduled programming.

Tom Lane 1/15/18

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We have lots of conversation about the future of AI(artificial intelligence) and what it will do to human civilization. Some are saying that it will end it, some say it will bring the next great revolution of innovation. I take a different view of all this. I see AI as a great precursor of what we have become and will set a choice point never noticed before.

Ok, back up a bit. I see AI as simply an extension of human ability to “think”. Computers are programmed to make constant choices on data points that are abstractions of life. All those pictures and words and fancy computer interfaces are not actual life, but abstractions taken from life and programmed into code that depicts some kind interpretation of that real life. It is life as a thought. All computers are “life as a thought”. AI is an extension of that, even if they learn to self program.

The problem is not AI, but the fact that AI is based only on the thinking side of life. Most of us sincerely believe that the “thinking side” of life is what life is. It is not. Thinking is how we “do” things and that is extremely valuable and useful. If only life were about “doing”, we could simply turn life over to the AI world, and they could “do” it all.

But life is about “being” and “doing”. Most of us humans have long ago walked away from our “being” in favor of our “doing”. Doing makes a money, doing makes fame, doing controls, doing conquers, doing builds, doing also kills, and enslaves, and many other nasty things. Our world is a world of this “doing”. Some of it grand and some of it horrific. Doing always has this relative nature, since thought is dualistic, and most doing is based on thought. Much of artistic doing is not.

“Being” is the quiet side of “doing”. A computer is in a state of being when you unplug it. What value is a computer that is unplugged? An unplugged computer is a door stop. When it is unplugged, it no longer can “do”. When a human is “unplugged”, it can “be”. A being is the essence of aliveness. A computer being, is a door stop.

AI is a threat to humanity because it lacks “being”. It is programmed to abstract everything when life is not an abstraction. It does not feel, sense, or be with anything. If it cannot be translated into an abstract code, it does not exist for a computer. Life cannot be translated that way, so for AI, life does not exist. Think about that for a minute. We are plugging in these “doing” machines that do not experience actual life. Yes, they can observe with cameras and other devices, but is a picture of life, actual life?

For me, AI is the extreme of human unconsciousness. We are totally willing to sell awareness for the thought of knowing something. Life cannot be known. If it cannot be known, it cannot be put into a program, and if not into a program, it is not in a computer. AI is devoid of life.

But, we humans have been pursuing this same path for a long time. We have been buying into a world lived in the abstract of thought, versus the presence of being, to the point we do not grasp that there is a world outside thought. AI would just be an extension of this. But lacking that little tinge we have when we “feel” the pain of someone that goes beyond the idea of it.

This is an opportunity buried in this crisis. We may need this level of computer based uncaring, to finally wake up and go more to our being. Become present again and use all that thought stuff as a tool. Like it was meant to be. You are not a thought, you have thoughts. Tlane 1/12/18

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Here is a paper that diverges quite a bit from all the recent stuff. I will be curious if you hang in with it. Economics and awareness do not usually make good bedfellows. But, of course, awareness is the bedfellow of all topics, all discussions, all of life for that matter. So, let us take a look, with an eye of simple awareness, at the world of economics. The people in power do not like this, so it will have to be between you and me.

Most of the world lives in some form of “capitalistic” economic society. Do you know what that means? Capital is assets in many forms, but mostly it is an economy based on money. Rich people like this because it gives them control and the ability to make tons of money doing nothing. Who would not like that. They run the show, so they created this very complex system of “capital” that they have instilled and ingrained all over the world. Even the poorest peasant in some third world country is controlled by this. And the rich get richer and the poor struggle. The poor have nothing to sell. Ahh.

Well, there is, or was, another theory of economics that was put forth ages ago, that said “all economic life is based on labor”. Labor is the only thing that adds value, and everything else is free. That is totally a fact, when you can take your head out of the crap that has been conditioned into us and systemically structured around us for eons. Think about this for a moment.

All the land, ores, soil, trees, plants, lakes, oceans, oil, and all other natural resources, are simply here and free. I am speaking about the time before humans made up “ownership” and “capital” and all that. It is just there to be “worked”. The land can be tilled, the ore can be mined, the sea can be fished, the trees can be cut and much more. All free. If no one “owns” it all. The only cost is labor.

This is what some greedy rich folks figured out long ago. If we “own” the land, the sea, the trees, and other natural resources, we can control the value of that. And, here is another of their great ideas, “if we own the workers, we can make a fortune”. Wow, what a concept. For only the workers do the “value adding” work to make all that free stuff useful. Greedy conceptual human beings who valued money over human well being, started this mess. And we debate why Jesus threw out the money changers.. hahaha
The wealthy devised a system that depended on ownership and capital to create wealth, instead of the actual creative process of wealth making. Since they had control of government and church, it was not hard to sell this to the world. Labor lost to the abstraction of money. Actual work is less important than a mental construct of “money”. Do you think you could eat “money” if the world economy collapses? I want farmers to survive, not bankers.

But, we seem to be stuck with this insanity. (let this be my version of throwing out the money changers). Those in charge who hold all the money, and they are growing day by day, do not want you to consider this. They will have tons of theories of why this will not work, and they will be right. Their theories are based on the system we live in, created by their historic insanity, and now it justifies paying them an exorbitant amount of money to “make” nothing, and rob those who do make stuff, of their rightful place in the “economic world”. It is a “rigged” system. To be sure, by the people who only live by their money in the bank, not by their efforts.
And to be clear, I live well by the money in my bank. I understand this system. I have played well in it, pretending that I think those who “believe” in it are right. I only see them as asleep. Rich people are not trying to change the system we live in. They do not want “labor” to be the basis of value. They want the lazy life of “capital” to be the rule. And the richest of them, will say, “it is just what we have” and they are correct. And humanly wrong and responsible for millions of humans suffering. Hey, they know not what they do. I hope this made you uncomfortable. Tlane 1/10/18

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The simple fact is, no one lives in anyone’s world, but their own. No matter how close you may be to someone, you live alone in your world. No one shares your unique perspective. No one has your unique history. No one has your frameworks. Most of us don’t like to acknowledge this fact. We like to think we share a world. Beyond our physical space, it is unique to each of us.

I was lucky enough to fully realize this 40 years ago and decided to “pretend” to live in other people’s worlds. It was easy for me to do that. If you just don’t challenge or contradict someone’s reality, they tend to think you live where they do. I did that, and most felt I was “one of them”.

I do not live in anyone’s world. I do live in the universal world that has everyone in it though. The world I inhabit has you in it, but you are not in it. You believe that you live in a world of certain kinds of values and beliefs, certain kind of people, certain identities, and people of “like mindedness”. I don’t live in any of those worlds.

Pretending to live in ‘your” world was easy for me. Listen for a bit and you pick up what is important to people, what frames their world, who they are, and you get a sense of their reality. Then just ask questions and NOT disagree with their responses, and they begin to buy that you live in their world. It is amazing that when humans find no opposition, they tend to believe agreement.

This passive agreement is really no agreement at all. Now, many activists will say that this is colluding with the insanity of “those” people. Of course, they do not see that fighting “those” also reinforces their beliefs. I pretend to agree, without ever agreeing, in order to let me understand where people are coming from. I do that, not to build a case to dismiss their point of view, but simply to see where they are coming from. Maybe, to find some common ground to build something new.

We live in a world of conflict. A world based on the notion that there is some “right’ view of the world. We must fight for our “right way”. Not seeing that it is the “fighting” that is the problem. Not the view. “Fighting” as a world view, demands that someone be wrong and contested. And that works both sides of the street. The process of fighting is more powerful than the content of either side.

This is why I don’t live in your world. I would rather live in peace than live in the “fight world” of most humans. We can not see this, because we always let the content of our cause overwhelm the process of our action. The process is “war” even when the content is peace. That is why I don’t live in your world.

And not living in that world, has let me do lots of cool stuff that stands just outside the understanding of that living. Like write all this. You will read this from the “right/wrong” world of conflict, and all I can say is, I don’t live in that world. I live in the world you inherently inhabit, but have lost sight of. It is ok. If you are reading this, something in that world still touches you. You know you are beyond the smallness of the human created world of differences and right/wrong. You are universal, just like me, and you really don’t live in this world either. Tlane 1/9/18

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I am not sure I grasp the whole thing about our “karmic” living. Do we pass thru this life in many ways and come back to continue our growth and development? I do not know, but somehow on this frigid January day, it struck me that I have not written about my early childhood. Was I born into something, that destined me to have that life changing experience? Was it in the stars, so to speak?

My first remembrance is quite a strange one. I was only about 18 months (not sure exactly) and I was still sleeping in a crib. I had a bad case of flu or some other breathing difficulty. My mother put me in the crib, placed a pink blanket over it, and put a Vick’s vaporizer under the flap. (I still have the pink blanket). I could hear the whoosh of the vaporizer and smell that distinct Vick’s smell. I was struggling with my breathing, and felt like I was gasping. I knew my death in that moment. I realized that I was to die someday, at 18 months. It was not terrifying, it was mostly curious. And I did not have language at this point in my life, but I “knew” this clear as day. I can still go back to that moment.

I became an observer as a kid. I remember looking at my neighbor one day after Christmas, as we played with my new cork gun. He over pumped it and it broke. He said, “now we are even, mine is broke too”. He did not say it in a mean way, but matter of fact. I just looked at him, did not get mad, but wondered at his thinking of how we were now even. Looking with wonder became part of me.

A few years later, on one summer afternoon, I was laying on my back on a wall in the alley we played in. Looking up at the clouds on this picture, perfect day, a clear notion passed thru my head. I had this realization that “God is this giant in the sky and that he has sneezed and we (the Earth) was nothing but a glob of snot on the way to a tissue in his hand.” That the time from his nose to the tissue was all the time we knew about and it happens in an instant and a lifetime. It was a realization of relativity at 10. It made all the sense to me without understanding it.

Then, at about 12 or so, we were playing a “tag” like game one summer eve. I was racing full speed toward the telephone pole that was “base”, and just as I was a few feet from it, one of my friends heading in the same direction, bumped me into the pole. I was knocked unconscious. Next thing I remember, was being carried up the street between two of my pals. As I drifted in and out of consciousness, a voice said to me “do your multiplication tables”. It was very clear, and it was the same voice that came to me 20 years later and said, “words don’t describe the world, they limit it”. So, I did my multiplication tables in my head. I woke up on the dining room table with my mother looking over me. I was fine, but with a big lump on my forehead. Only recently did I read that doing multiplication tables is an exercise for people with concussions. I was surely concussed.

I went thru school as this observer and have had a strange time, describing my classmates at reunions with stories they do not remember. One that captured this, was of a black classmate. He and I were in school together from day 1. We were never close, but friends. At about 15, he developed this attitude that kind of scared me. I thought he would not make it. Surely, he was going to get into serious trouble. About a year or so later, he changed and developed this confidence and carriage that made me respect him. We had grown apart so, we never discussed this then. At a reunion, 45 years later, I asked him about this. He was amazed that I saw that in him. He said I was right and if he had not gotten into boxing, he would have been in jail. I have many stories of just observing my classmates, noticing what is going on in my world.

Where did I get that ability to just “watch” and see without judgement? I did not ever talk to anyone about all this. It was just my nature. Are we all like this? Do we all have moments we don’t share that are this strange. Did I fulfill some karmic evolution that put me here to have my moment of awakening? It all feels connected to me. Not understandable, in some cause/effect way, but so very perfect. And I am blessed to be able to share all these experiences and hopefully insights for all to see and gain from. Beats me. Tlane 1/5/18

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It is sad that we kill others and kill our self, long before we die. It all comes about by the same root cause. We kill because we objectify. Always, in every form, at the root, we can only kill when we make another human (or our self) into an object. So, what does that mean.

In one sense, we are all objects existing in this world, just like a tree or house or car or anything else. We make us “humans” special since we are alive in a distinct way. Or so we think. And that is the problem. To “objectify” someone is to begin by naming them. We are not a name, we have names. But when we “name” someone or something, we turn it into an object of our mind. It has become dead already, in some small way. It is fixed, “I am Tom, now and forever”. Fixed and dead.

We objectify in small and grand ways. The Third Reich, objectified the Jews in the grandest way and that allowed ordinary Germans to kill millions without a thought, or better, because of a thought. They were not humans, they were Jews. That is how we kill. We make humans objects. Objects are easy to eliminate.

We have all done this in all wars. It is the first thing they teach you in the military. They are not humans, they are “enemies”. But, we do this in our social society. Those people of “that” color, ethnic, sex, economic background, area of the country, etc. are all “them”. “Them” is an objectification. It is always the first step to killing physically or mentally. We usually must kill mentally before we kill physically.

It is how we kill women. We objectify, and they are no longer a person, but something to be used. Killed in a more subtle way. We have seen that in spades lately. It is how we kill people of color, they are not “us”, but even “us” is an objectification. We do this everywhere.

It is how we kill our self. Whether it is the dying to an image we must uphold, or dying to our personal aliveness that defies naming. And the saddest “killing” of our self, is suicide. How do we kill our body, if not by making our very existence an image that is not living up to what we think it should be. That “think it should be” is the objectification of our own alive being. We are not a thought, but society demands that we be an image, a thought, an identity, a value system, a part of something, a political being, a sexual attraction, an importance, a role, a somebody. (I coulda been a somebody, cry)

In all that demand, we objectify our being. We no longer are an alive and present human being, but an abstracted thought about being. That “frozen” being is then compared to all the other beings around us. And we strive to compare well, our objectified being compared to your objectified being. When we come up short, we lose our energy, we lose our feeling of living. We have completed the cycle of making our self a dead object.

Then we strive to find some external source of stimulation to pump us full of energy and aliveness that overcomes the deadness of being made an object. And when that fails, we may sink into depression, anger to the world, or even into suicide.

When we began by making our alive being into an object that is named and defined, we began the process of killing our living. Then we spend the rest of our life trying to fill that void with stuff that we are told will make us “alive”, make us fulfilled, make us special, make us something. Go somewhere, do something important, be famous, be something!! We have already successfully killed our being, buried under tons of ideas about our self, and we have killed all those around us in the same way.

This is how we kill. Not the many “reasons” we give for doing that. We examine reasons, because that is what the process of objectifying wants us to do. We want to know why. But the how of our brain, is the key. We only kill objects, and as soon as we objectify, we are already dead as those around us. We live in a dead world of concepts about life and human beings. YOU DO NOT KNOW ANYONE, ESPECIALLY YOUR OWN LIVING Quit thinking you do and wake up. Tlane 1/3/17

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